Established in 1992


D&L Wood Products was started by Bob Ligda and Robert E. Ligda in 1992. With a single tool box in hand they transformed a golf ball manufacturing plant into a custom architectural millwork shop. Today we install architectural millwork, metals, glass, and booth seating across the country. Success did not come overnight though. It took years of hard work and dedication to create the reputation that you would expect from a world-class millwork contractor.

As D&L grew and our customer’s confidence increased, so did the amount of repeat business. This led to increased brand awareness and a growing reputation that preceded us, ultimately developing working relationships with some of the biggest names in the commercial industry.

At the heart of any successful company are employees with passion, dedication, and pride in their work. This commonality is what drives D&L to become a better company.


All of our shop drawings are created in-house by design engineers. This allows us complete control of our product and helps with the expedition of the project. Our engineers and project managers are experienced in coordinating with general contractors, interior designers, architects and owners in order to ensure our millwork meets their expectations. Our goal is to ensure that the products we produce integrate seamlessly within the project specifications and budget. We do this by working with the construction teams up front in assisting with budgets, design options, value-engineered solutions and overall construction feasibility.


The quality of our product can only be as good as the skilled workers that build them and our project team guiding them. All aspects of the fabrication process take place within our 100,000sqft environmentally controlled facility. We believe investing our team with the correct machinery and updated technology creates a company culture that people want to be part of, which is why we choose to upgrade our equipment and facilities long before their end-of-life cycle.


Our project management team works to create a relationship with you from the very start.  We know how crucial it is to coordinate all aspects of the project, no matter how trivial they may seem.  Our project managers are involved in the creation of the shop drawings and they are the link between the architectural prints, actual field conditions, and the shop fabrication. Ensuring installations are on time, schedules are met, and the punch list is complete, the project managers see every project through to the end.

What We Do


D&L Wood Products has provided quality fabrication and installation of architectural millwork goods for over 25 years. Exotic veneers, hardwoods, and custom trims are just a few examples of products that we can supply and install.

  • Matched and sequenced wood veneer panels
  • Custom stains, dyed veneers, and specialty finishes
  • Casing, base molding, chair rail and arches
  • Veneer, hardwood, and laminate products
  • Resin and polycarbonate decorative panels
  • Architectural metal assemblies with custom metal finishes
  • Custom bar tops and drink rails
  • Architectural glass panels
  • Curved crown and flexible moldings
  • Mitered wood column wraps
  • Reception desks and host stations
  • Custom front and back bars
  • Fabric and leather appointed seating
  • Fireplace cabinetry and casework
  • Portable bars and buffet stations